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On Codependency, Family Relationships, and Human Error

Over the past couple of years, I’ve heard my share of advice on how to deal with a significant other’s parents. As I’ve developed my relationship with Jake’s family, however, it’s becoming a laughable observation that none of that advice … Continue reading

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When Nobody Cares ‘Til You Cut Yourself, Part 4: What NOT To Do to Self-harmers

Disclaimer: While this post may give the impression that there’s really nothing people can do to help self-harmers, that is definitely not the case, nor what I mean to say. Here is my post listing all of the things you … Continue reading

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Four Reasons Why I Believe Cynthia Jeub

Disclaimer: the claims made in this article are drawn only from a Christian homeschool background and thus only pertain to similar such circumstances. Because this article responds to information found in this post, it may be useful to view it … Continue reading

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What Not to Read: Elsie Dinsmore

        Recently I’ve begun pulling books from my bookshelves, putting them in two separate piles—the Sell On Amazon Pile, and the Get Rid Of Pile.  After all, what I don’t see as anything more than junk could … Continue reading

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